Rust Streaks, Corrosion and Bin Vent Filters are not Synonymous.

Rust streaks and corrosion can sometimes affect the Bin Vent Filters found in many Plants using outside silos. Additionally, Bin Vent Filters are used on large indoor hoppers. The Bin Vent Filter stops powders and dust from coming out of the storage vessel.

A few years ago, O.A. Newton created our Gal Vent filter which at 3 full years,  has three times the industry standard warranty against rust.

Properly sized Bin Vent filters are available from O.A. Newton for a huge variety of  applications. We offer them in G235 galvanized steel finish or you can select to optionally powder coat them in standard Industrial Gloss White. We also offer a customized flange system that, based our your silo flange dimensions, perfectly matches our BV-2 Bin Vent Filter to your Silo or Storage Hopper flanges. Our Standard BV-2  Bin Vent Filter is available in 250 sq. ft., 475 sq.ft. and 775 sq. ft. sizes. We are also  able to provide custom sizes to fit your needs as we manufacture them onsite and ship them globally. Our prices are exceptionally competitive, the 475 sq.ft. size ships complete with a set of  high quality pleated top load filters for $4199 in Galvanized finish and are available powder coated Industrial Gloss White for an additional $250.00. Please contact us at with any questions or challenges that we can help you with. You can call at 302-337-3778 and/or view all of our OEM Components, Assemblies and services at

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