What makes O.A. Newton different?

If you take a quick search on the web using Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search tool, you will find that there are a large number of Engineered Material Handling Solutions Providers listed. So what makes O.A. Newton different?

(1) O.A. Newton has a long history, since 1916, of reducing costs and improving capacity. We provide well thought out solutions for our customers bulk material handling challenges.
(2) Our Engineering Team is solidly experienced in the Engineered Material Handling Solution business. We have an excellent reputation for providing innovative solutions in handling difficult powders and solving tough challenges.
(3) We do not offer you a cookie cutter solution that is “close” to what you want. We customize the solutions to fit your unique manufacturing requirements. We are proven System Integrators and we incorporate the products you have experience with, blended with our OEM Engineering and Fabrication. O.A. Newton then provides the warranty for the entire job so when it’s completed, you are satisfied.
(4) Our equipment is solidly built. We have installations that are running our equipment for over 25 years. And as an OEM, we can provide the parts and assemblies you need to keep your equipment running.
(5) Pricing that is competitive and offers exceptional value. Our solutions are an excellent value and provide you with solid R.O.I.
(6) We use the term “Engineered for Your Success” to describe the experience of working with us. Don’t take our word for it. Go to our website, http://www.oanewton.com, and read the Customer Testimonials. Please review the Components and Assemblies section to see examples of our quality products.
(7) O.A. Newton provides Project Management, Design and Engineering, Systems Integration, Components, Assemblies, Parts, Rail Car Unloading, Custom Design, Plug & Play Systems, Controls Integration & Customization.

When you have Material Handling needs we look forward to discussing the solutions that are right for your unique needs.

Greg Mareski, Business Development Manager for O.A. Newton.

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