Carbon Black Handling Challenges


Carbon Black is one of the most difficult powders to handle.  Used as a component in the tire, rubber, adhesive, drive belt, gasket and laser print toner industries. It has usage as a pigment and adds various wear and abrasive tendencies to vehicle tires.  It adds a measure of UV absorption to various plastics.


The tendencies of Carbon Black to cake, pack, plug and bridge within the handling equipment has long been one of the major problems facing the rubber compounder.  Excessive or rough handling degrades the material and is a threat to maintaining quality rubber manufacturing. The widely used technique of hammering equipment with a rubber mallet  to address bridging and flow problems clearly damages and dents surfaces and accelerates equipment replacement cycles.


The TKC Technologies Carbon Black Weigh Hopper was designed and patented to specifically address the problems of Carbon Black Handling. The TKC Hopper minimizes the opportunity for any carbon black to adhere to the hopper during the discharge cycle and requires no external stimulation for clean release. The TKC Weigh Hoppers are capable of handling batch loads of up to 600 lbs and can be mounted  to operate with multiple types of weigh cells and control systems.

Pellet degradation resulting from the improper handling of  Carbon Black is the greatest threat to the manufacture of good quality rubber products. The TKC Technologies Thermal Conveyors  were designed (and patented) to address this very significant problem. Our standard TKC Technologies Heated Screw Conveyor easily conveys Carbon Black without clumping, lumping and bridging and requires no rubber mallet  “encouragement”. This TKC Technologies  Heated Screw Conveyor is used in Carbon Black manufacturing facilities worldwide. The TKC Tech-nologies Thermveyor (Patent Pending) heats the Carbon Black with greater thermal efficiently. This allows conveying Carbon Black over greater distances than our standard unit. Contact us to discuss which units are best for your unique environment.

The TKC Technologies Pinch Valve is used in installations where the complete discharge of materials from a weigh hopper, holding bin or transition is critical. The unit utilizes a fabric discharge sleeve which is attached at the top & bottom to keep all transfers of materials dust free to the atmosphere. Yet, when the valve opens, the sleeve immediately goes slack & all materials drop straight through.

TKC Technologies, a wholly owned affiliate of O.A. Newton, has over 30 years of Carbon Black experience plus several patented and patent pending products. We specialize in Dilute and Dense Phase Conveying, Bulk Unloading and Storage Systems, High Intensity Mixing and Blending, and Dispensing and Weighing. View more Carbon Black Handling info at our website:

O.A. Newton/TKC Technologies,,

Greg Mareski, Business Development Manager

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