Bulk Material Handling Systems Integration

Systems Integration

O.A. Newton has asolid reputation for solving Engineering Material Handling challenges.   Here’s how we solve  hurdles and the processes we use that have created our reputation of solving difficult powder handling problems.  Our experience has evolved over 34 years in engineering, installing, starting-up and solving production challenges for our Customers. We are a global integrator and have provided solutions in Customer facilities throughout North and South America, Europe and the Pacific Rim.

Skill Set

We provide services that improve consistency and increase profitability. Our Clients are looking to automate, integrate and expand production. This Systems Integration falls into the center of our system processes that evolved from an experienced skill set. Here are our Core Skills;

Project Management – Customers have equipment choices they have developed over the years for specific brands and/or types of equipment. We can integrate these diverse brands and types of equipment into your project for a successful result.We can give you realistic timelines and help you meet your project schedule.

Engineering – Understanding your challenges and needs is the first step in our Engineering process. Are you looking to increase production volume, increase and add constancy to the quality of your product, handle difficult powders or automate a current manual process? We provide the  answer to any and all of these needs.

Programming – proven knowledge and skills to integrate existing processes with new additions into your existing PLC  along with the additions you require for the new project.

Installation Supervision – We’ll supervise to your requirements  for Mechanical and Electrical Installation, Startup, provide Training and Process Debugging, documentation, schematics, and more.

Tiered Pricing – We provide tiered terms for your projects. This allows you to pay as the project unfolds at the beginning with the release of the purchase order and initial payment, to payments synchronized with the approval of the drawings, through the equipment shipment to final Customer acceptance.

Warranty – The components we build and the equipment you choose and that we integrate is warranted for one year. This is a big value added O.A. Newton difference.

Experience – O.A. Newton provides enlightened innovation for the 21st century with a history of integrity since 1916.

Testimonials – Don’t take our word for it,  to see what our customers have to say, click here.

Greg Mareski, Business Development Manager, O.A. Newton, Bridgeville, Delaware

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