Focus on Carbon Black – The Fume Stop Valve

The Focus on Carbon Black

With decades of experience, TKC Technologies is the Carbon Black Handling Division of O.A. Newton.  Our Fabric Weigh Hoppers, Pinch Valves, Heated Carbon Black Conveyors and Fume Stop Valves are respected solutions that are used in production environments in the tire, rubber, pigment and compounding industries around the world.

Carbon Black Mixing Fumes and the Fume Stop Valve

When compounds are weighed out and released into a Mixer to create your blend of tire and/or rubber compound, fumes and gasses are created in the process. These gases  migrate up into the charging chutes creating challenges by accumulating layers of  deposits onto the  charging chutes and downspouts in the carbon black mixing stack-up.  Carbon Black is all too ready to start sticking to this residue.

The TKC Technologies Fume Stop Valve is proven by decades of use in Carbon Black production environments. These valves utilize precision machining to seal and they seal tightly without inflatable collars or butyl inserts which can wear over time.  They are solid in high duty cycle applications and after years of usage, they can be refurbished and returned to production. The TKC Fume Stop Valves are engineered to fit a new or an existing charging chute. Most Charging chutes are 10″, 12″ or 16″ diameter and our fume stop valves are sized accordingly. We are able to make sizes and transitions sized as required.

For Carbon Black handling questions please contact TKC Technologies.

Greg Mareski, TKC Technologies/O.A. Newton, 302-337-3778

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