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Control the Dust = Limit Your Problems + Increase your Profits.

March 10, 2010

Dust creates Challenges and Dangers

Dust in the workplace environment creates problems that tend to become serious very quickly.  Challenges include everything from environmental health hazards and OSHA violations. But there is still more reason for concern when dust is present – Possible Explosion.

Explosive Dust

Seemingly non-combustible compounds become  explosive when the air to dust ratio is in the correct range.  Grain, metal particles, chemicals and other air borne substances have a surprising ability to become explosive when they have the right fuel to air mix and a combustive spark is present. In July of 2009, the U.S. Chemical Safety Board released a set of videos on the hazards and destructive capabilities of combustible dust. You can see the videos here. Take a moment and review these and you will begin to understand the dangers of dust. This must be taken seriously as the dangers are great and very real.Here’s a tip – check above your suspended ceilings and remove any standing dust that may be lurking there.

Change the Filters

Next let’s discuss the need to maintain dust filtration systems. Our units s ship with a pressure gauge so the time for replacement is clearly defined. Also, new filters need to “run-in” for a while before they reach optimum filtration. Some of the dust particles that accumulate in a new filter actually improve the efficiency of the filter after it is initially installed.

One of the many features of our dust filtration systems is the way we make them easy to maintain. If your maintenance staff can easily access the filters to change them, they will more probably replace them before they become ineffective. This is why we try everything possible to avoid the need to have “confined space permit required” systems. We manufacture top-load systems that provide an easy opening top with pneumatically assisted cylinders.  We have side-load systems and where required, multiple access doors.You should also look at the warranty. Our outdoor systems use Galvanized Steel construction and we have powder coating options to add even more rust resistance against the elements.

Get your money’s worth from your ingredients

Lastly, are you getting all you pay for from your process ingredients? In a large plant-wide dust filtration system,  you are mixing all the ingredients into an unusable mix that usually heads for the landfill. But with focused dust filtration and collection solution you can reap the benefits of reclaiming your component and blending powders. We call this POUDR = point of use dust reclamation.  You can learn more at our POUDR White paper located HERE.

Respect and recycle the dust!

Greg Mareski, Business Development Manager, O.A. Newton, Bridgeville, DE.

Carbon Black Handling Challenges

January 20, 2010


Carbon Black is one of the most difficult powders to handle.  Used as a component in the tire, rubber, adhesive, drive belt, gasket and laser print toner industries. It has usage as a pigment and adds various wear and abrasive tendencies to vehicle tires.  It adds a measure of UV absorption to various plastics.


The tendencies of Carbon Black to cake, pack, plug and bridge within the handling equipment has long been one of the major problems facing the rubber compounder.  Excessive or rough handling degrades the material and is a threat to maintaining quality rubber manufacturing. The widely used technique of hammering equipment with a rubber mallet  to address bridging and flow problems clearly damages and dents surfaces and accelerates equipment replacement cycles.


The TKC Technologies Carbon Black Weigh Hopper was designed and patented to specifically address the problems of Carbon Black Handling. The TKC Hopper minimizes the opportunity for any carbon black to adhere to the hopper during the discharge cycle and requires no external stimulation for clean release. The TKC Weigh Hoppers are capable of handling batch loads of up to 600 lbs and can be mounted  to operate with multiple types of weigh cells and control systems.

Pellet degradation resulting from the improper handling of  Carbon Black is the greatest threat to the manufacture of good quality rubber products. The TKC Technologies Thermal Conveyors  were designed (and patented) to address this very significant problem. Our standard TKC Technologies Heated Screw Conveyor easily conveys Carbon Black without clumping, lumping and bridging and requires no rubber mallet  “encouragement”. This TKC Technologies  Heated Screw Conveyor is used in Carbon Black manufacturing facilities worldwide. The TKC Tech-nologies Thermveyor (Patent Pending) heats the Carbon Black with greater thermal efficiently. This allows conveying Carbon Black over greater distances than our standard unit. Contact us to discuss which units are best for your unique environment.

The TKC Technologies Pinch Valve is used in installations where the complete discharge of materials from a weigh hopper, holding bin or transition is critical. The unit utilizes a fabric discharge sleeve which is attached at the top & bottom to keep all transfers of materials dust free to the atmosphere. Yet, when the valve opens, the sleeve immediately goes slack & all materials drop straight through.

TKC Technologies, a wholly owned affiliate of O.A. Newton, has over 30 years of Carbon Black experience plus several patented and patent pending products. We specialize in Dilute and Dense Phase Conveying, Bulk Unloading and Storage Systems, High Intensity Mixing and Blending, and Dispensing and Weighing. View more Carbon Black Handling info at our website:

O.A. Newton/TKC Technologies,,

Greg Mareski, Business Development Manager

What makes O.A. Newton different?

January 7, 2010

If you take a quick search on the web using Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search tool, you will find that there are a large number of Engineered Material Handling Solutions Providers listed. So what makes O.A. Newton different?

(1) O.A. Newton has a long history, since 1916, of reducing costs and improving capacity. We provide well thought out solutions for our customers bulk material handling challenges.
(2) Our Engineering Team is solidly experienced in the Engineered Material Handling Solution business. We have an excellent reputation for providing innovative solutions in handling difficult powders and solving tough challenges.
(3) We do not offer you a cookie cutter solution that is “close” to what you want. We customize the solutions to fit your unique manufacturing requirements. We are proven System Integrators and we incorporate the products you have experience with, blended with our OEM Engineering and Fabrication. O.A. Newton then provides the warranty for the entire job so when it’s completed, you are satisfied.
(4) Our equipment is solidly built. We have installations that are running our equipment for over 25 years. And as an OEM, we can provide the parts and assemblies you need to keep your equipment running.
(5) Pricing that is competitive and offers exceptional value. Our solutions are an excellent value and provide you with solid R.O.I.
(6) We use the term “Engineered for Your Success” to describe the experience of working with us. Don’t take our word for it. Go to our website,, and read the Customer Testimonials. Please review the Components and Assemblies section to see examples of our quality products.
(7) O.A. Newton provides Project Management, Design and Engineering, Systems Integration, Components, Assemblies, Parts, Rail Car Unloading, Custom Design, Plug & Play Systems, Controls Integration & Customization.

When you have Material Handling needs we look forward to discussing the solutions that are right for your unique needs.

Greg Mareski, Business Development Manager for O.A. Newton.

Rust Streaks, Corrosion and Bin Vent Filters are not Synonymous.

December 28, 2009

Rust streaks and corrosion can sometimes affect the Bin Vent Filters found in many Plants using outside silos. Additionally, Bin Vent Filters are used on large indoor hoppers. The Bin Vent Filter stops powders and dust from coming out of the storage vessel.

A few years ago, O.A. Newton created our Gal Vent filter which at 3 full years,  has three times the industry standard warranty against rust.

Properly sized Bin Vent filters are available from O.A. Newton for a huge variety of  applications. We offer them in G235 galvanized steel finish or you can select to optionally powder coat them in standard Industrial Gloss White. We also offer a customized flange system that, based our your silo flange dimensions, perfectly matches our BV-2 Bin Vent Filter to your Silo or Storage Hopper flanges. Our Standard BV-2  Bin Vent Filter is available in 250 sq. ft., 475 sq.ft. and 775 sq. ft. sizes. We are also  able to provide custom sizes to fit your needs as we manufacture them onsite and ship them globally. Our prices are exceptionally competitive, the 475 sq.ft. size ships complete with a set of  high quality pleated top load filters for $4199 in Galvanized finish and are available powder coated Industrial Gloss White for an additional $250.00. Please contact us at with any questions or challenges that we can help you with. You can call at 302-337-3778 and/or view all of our OEM Components, Assemblies and services at

Dust Control and Bulk Material Handling

November 19, 2009

O.A. Newton has been in business since 1916. For the last 30+ years, O.A. Newton has been engineering and fabricating Engineered Material Handling Systems. We are knowledgeable in the control of combustible dust. We have systems that can detect explosive conditions. You can review examples of O.A. Newton Dust Control and Bulk Material Handling Components here.

Hello world!

July 1, 2009

Welcome to the O.A. Newton Blog. It is our intention to create a resource that is valuable to those who work in the Bulk  Material Handling Systems world. If you are involved in or are a producer of CPVC, PVC, Carbon Black, WPC, Pellet Fuel or Friction Products O.A. Newton can help. We specialize in these areas and provide Project Management, Systems Integration, Design and Engineering, Equipment and Parts, Rail Car unloading and Plug and Play Systems and the Pneumatic Conveyance of Powder and Pellitized materials.