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“REVISED 2018 We didn’t know O.A. Newton does that.”

June 20, 2018

June 20, 2018

It is 2018, we are very pleased to report that O.A. Newton is celebrating 102 years in business!

We continue to grow and remain well known for our solutions and skills in the handling of Difficult Powders, PVC, CPVC, Friction Products, Wood Fiber, Pharmaceuticals, Plastics and more.

Three years ago we purchased Coast Equipment to increase our abilities in the handling of plastics, pellets, and plastics processing. As Coast Equipment & Services Company continues to grow, expand and evolve, we will continue to provide our customers with the most dependable, single source for system design, distribution and installation of high quality material handling equipment for bulk handling and plastic processors. For more on Coast Equipment and our Plastics Capabilities, please click here.

Our TKC Carbon Black Technologies Group remains one of the finest Carbon Black Handling resources in the industry. We are providing worldwide solutions for Major Tire Manufactures, Carbon Black Providers, Adhesive Companies and any Industry using Carbon Black. We have proven and time-tested products that will improve your ability to handle Carbon Black. Want more info on our Carbon Black Handling expertise? Please click here.

Our Parts, Components and Assemblies Group is continuing to grow. We are pleased to announce that last year, John Korschgen has joined us in the Business Development department. Many of you have already talked to him and/or worked with him. John is currently working with our Legacy Customers and is actively looking for new business in our existing Customer Files. As you might guess, we have serviced literally 100’s of Clients in the last 102 years. John may be calling you to say hello and introduce himself. If you have a current question  please contact either one of us as follows:

John Korschgen, Business Development, email:, John’s phone: 302-337-3779

Greg Mareski, Business Development Manager, email:, Greg’s phone: 302-337-3778

O.A. Newton Solutions are Engineered for YOUR Success!

* Design and Engineering * Carbon Black Handling * Systems Integration *  Parts, Components and Assemblies

* Rail Car Unloading * Plug and Play Systems *

It’s been years (2014 to be exact since the article below was first released), but the information in the original post remains as true today as when we first posted this to our Blog. With minor updates and edits, please learn more about all that O.A. Newton offers:

“In a recent conversation with a long-time Customer, I noticed they were buying parts for an Air Lock. It was a brand we have represented for many years. Unfortunately, they never bought it from O.A. Newton.

When I mentioned we carry those items, they were surprised. After reviewing our selling price we found that O.A. Newton was  actually cheaper. Plus, we do not markup the cost of freight. This led to the conversation of “What else do you guys have that I don’t know about”?

When I started to mention all the other items we carry I began to think that there were lost opportunities for brands and solutions we represent. This Post is offered to convey the information that  we are a complete Engineered Material Handling Systems Solution Provider plus,we provide Parts, Assemblies and Components.

We’ve been in business for 102 years

O.A. Newton was founded in 1916. We are located in Bridgeville Delaware and have Engineered and installed Customer Projects worldwide in North and South America, Europe and the Pacific Rim. We are known for reducing costs, improving capacity and handling difficult powders such as TiO2, CaCO2 and Carbon black. This is not a hollow claim. For example. our TKC Technologies Carbon Black Group  is acknowledged as a major provider of some of the most efficient and customer proven solutions available. We are well known for Carbon Black Handling expertise in the areas of tires, toner, rubber, adhesives and pigments. We custom manufacture unique and proven solutions right here in the USA. The TKC Technologies Thermal Conveyor moves carbon black efficiently and accurately. To learn more about our Carbon Black Solutions please click here.

Design and Engineering

O.A. Newton’s in house Engineering Department has decades of Engineered Material Handling Solutions and Project experience. This allows us to customize equipment to specific Customer Applications. Once Manufacturing is done (in our Bridgeville Delaware facility) our Engineers review a check list of the equipment coming out of Fabrication. Our Engineering expertise also allows us to design,  integrate and fabricate your complete project with our experienced in-house Resources.

Systems Integration

O.A. Newton can integrate equipment of the Customers choosing into our solution and provide a balanced system that works in harmony with all the components. We provide a Performance Warranty that makes sure the Project meets Design Goals. If you have a preference for certain components and would like to integrate them into a desired in-plant addition, contact us and let’s discuss it to see how we can help.

Equipment and Parts

We supply parts for replacement, maintenance, new projects, old projects, refurbishment kits, valves, cards, tube, pipe, tube, elbows and bends. Take a moment and think about this – if we are buying all these parts and we’ve been here since 1916 shouldn’t we be getting some big discounts from our decades old relationships with our Vendors? Everybody says that have great prices on Parts and Components. Let us prove to you that we actually do by giving us a chance to quote your next Spare Parts need. To view some of the Spare Parts we carry  please click here.

Rail Car Unloading

O.A. Newton has real world experience that we can apply to solve  your Rail Car Unloading Challenges. . We offer you a choice. You can  always procure a system elsewhere with variable results. Or choose O.A. Newton and we will deliver a turnkey installed system. PLUS, we provide a guarantee that the installation will meet your target rates.

Plug and Play Systems

Over the years, we’ve learned a few things about sizing components and creating balanced systems with various rates and capabilities. We observed that in a significant number of cases, many solutions required similar components, assemblies, programming and design. To address this need, we designed a series of Plug & Play solutions that allow the simple installation of a system suited to specific needs and criteria. Another benefit of the Plug & Play System is that key Plug & Play assemblies in a project can be blended with project specific components to custom tailor the exact solution to the Customer’s actual application.

Project Management

O.A. Newton has been providing Project Management for Material Handling Solutions for over 40 years.  Our strengths include pneumatic conveying and the handling of difficult powders. Many times we are able to provide a solution that is based on our Project Experience that others do not want to do or cannot tackle. Our Customers are increasing profitability and speaking highly of the Projects we built together. You can see what they have to say by clicking here.

Our expertise in Bulk Material Handling is in the production of these products:

* PVC & CPVC Pipe * Wood Fiber, Pellets and Composites * Carbon Black * Friction Products * Food Products * Pharmaceuticals *

Posted by Greg Mareski, Business Development Manger. O.A. Newton, 16356 Sussex Highway, Bridgeville, Delaware, USA 19933

Please contact us with questions as follows:


Greg’s phone: 302-337-3778


John Korschgen, Business Development,


John’s phone: 302-337-3779

O.A. Newton reduces costs and improves capacity with innovative solutions to Bulk Material Handling problems.

Learn more at:

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O.A. Newton returns to Monday through Friday Office Hours

September 23, 2010

From the Movies

In the 1997 movie, “The Postman”  Kevin Costner says, “Things are getting better”.  The phrase was voiced in a scenario that Costner’s character fabricates to get a free meal.  He eventually starts a Postal Service as a continuing meal ticket. As the plot unfolds, other parts of the country learn of the mail service and create their own. Eventually, things really do begin to get better.

The Real World

The National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), the country’s leading nonprofit economic research organization, announced in  September, 2010 that the recession ended in June 2009. Many  people disagree with this statement. Many of our countrymen are still hurting. A member of the panel, economics professor Robert Hall, responding to the doubt and disbelief stated, “We are only saying that things started to get better in June 2009, not that times are good.”

Returning to a five day work week

At O.A. Newton, we are seeing a steady increase in business. To serve these customer needs, O.A. Newton is pleased to announce that starting the week of September 27, 2010, our offices are once again open Monday through Friday.

We are here to serve you from 08:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST.

Since 1916, O.A. Newton has evolved as a Leader in Engineered Material Handling Solutions.

We provide proven experience in;

  • Project Management.
  • Design and Engineering.
  • Systems Integration.
  • Components.
  • Replacement Parts.
  • Rail Car Unloading
  • Plug & Play Systems.

We serve our Customers throughout North and South America, Europe and the Pacific Rim. If you need us on a Friday, we’re here to serve starting Friday, October 1st. Please contact us with any questions regarding your Material Handling Parts, Project and Equipment needs.

It is my sincere desire that “Things are getting better” for you in every area of your lives.

Greg Mareski, Business Development Manager, O.A. Newton, Bridgeville, Delaware

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Pneumatic Conveying System Guidelines

August 11, 2010

The Process

Pneumatic Conveying Systems deliver raw materials (usually powders and/or pellets) to extruders, mixers, coolers and other vessels and devices in the manufacturing process. The air used to convey those materials can either be vacuum or positive pressures, usually determined by the distances covered and the level of friability of the material being conveyed.

The Problem

Pneumatic Conveyors utilize industrial blowers that are engineered and constructed to run 24×7 for trouble-free amounts of time if (and only if) they are sized correctly.  Blowers sometimes fall victim to improperly applied and overly cost-conscience selection. An industrial blower is designed to operate within an engineered range that provides the proper level of performance. When a pneumatic conveying system is driven beyond the correct RPM range, you will be forced to deal with an increase in heat, it will work harder producing pressures it was never intended to produce and be forcing materials at a higher rate through a pipe that is now too small. Using a down-sized blower that is being over-driven beyond it’s operating range results in frequent breakdowns.

Clear Signs of Trouble

Product degradation and Angel Hair can be caused by overly high/extreme velocities, elevated temperatures and an undersized line.

Line Clogs, Slugging and Plugging can be caused by low velocity and pressures that are too high or too low.

Premature wearing-out of belts and sequencing valves can be caused by running an undersized unit which results in spinning the blower too fast and/or utilizing an undersized vacuum receiver with overly frequent fill cycles.

– Degrading of Capacity and Delivery can be caused by clogged filters, improper venting of the receiving vessel(s) and/or insufficient air volume.

Hidden Costs

Heat is bad. Heat is created by running the Blowers faster than the operating level it was designed for. Overdrive them and they will generate more life shortening, wear increasing heat.

Wasteful Energy usage. Blowers that are run beyond their maximum recommended output will burn more electricity than Blowers that are run within their operating range.  It’s a law of physics and like most laws-not negotiable.  Energy charges are higher during peak hours. With the importance of Green Technology, do you want the public to know you have an energy conscience and are running a “Green” operation? This is difficult to do with undersized blowers and overworked motors inefficiently burning up excess  electricity, wouldn’t you agree?

Noise – more decibels mean more operator complaints, unflattering Customer plant tours, possible OSHA workplace violations and greater image problems in general. Up sizing a Blower just to the next larger size provides a larger flow band volume at lower pressures and reduces heat production, decreases noise and lowers energy consumption.

Clogged Filters create more pressure, which creates more energy use, more heat, less throughput, etc. It is important to monitor pressure ranges in your filtration vessels when you (a) first install new filters, (2) eight hours later (or after the flowing particulates have helped increase the filtration ability of a brand new filter) and (3) at excessive pressure levels over the design range (usually between 8-12 psi on the magnehelic gauge).


Ultimately, every pneumatic system is about proper balance – the balance between pressure and velocity, the balance between material volume being moved and the volume of the air required to move it. If the blowers, line sizes and receivers are undersized, there are very few performance increasing options (short of replacement).  Receivers that are too small have to discharge more frequently to meet demand which results in more cycles, greater starts and stops and this creates more wear on the blowers, motors, belts, pulleys, etc.

Sizing the system requires experience.

There are proven ways to pneumatically convey powders and pellets reliably without trauma and breakdowns. Our Power Pressure Units and Vacuum Pressure Units are proven in the PVC, CPVC, Wood Fiber, Friction Products, Food and Pharmaceutical Industries.  We provide Project Management, Design and Engineering, Systems Integration, New Equipment, Components and Parts, Rail Car Unloading and Plug & Play Systems. Contact us and O.A. Newton will be happy to discuss how we can arrive at the most cost-effective solution for your unique operation. We manufacture our components here in Bridgeville, Delaware and can provide the correct custom solution for your unique plant and production needs. Don’t take our word for it, please click here to view Client Testimonials.

Greg Mareski, Business Development Manger, email: