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Material Handling Systems – Components and Assemblies

February 21, 2011

All O.A. Newton branded components are produced in-house  and on premises in our 30,000 square foot fabrication facility. They are rigorously inspected for quality, performance, safety and long-term reliability. Our components offer many features and functions not available elsewhere. O.A. Newton components are designed specifically for the demanding challenges associated with difficult to handle powders, resins, colorants and compounds.

Since we are an O.E. M. we pass the very significant cost savings through to you. Here are some of the Components and assemblies that are proven, high quality solutions for your Material Handling Systems needs.

(1) The O.A. Newton Bulk Bag Unloader is an efficient way to get your minor ingredients into your system, freeing your people from having to constantly hand feed your operation. You can learn more here:

(2) O.A. Newton Gal Vent Bin Vent Filters separate fines and airborne particles from the exhaust air when filling a large storage silo. You can read more here:

(3) O.A. Newton Dust Collections Systems use low negative pressure to remove dust and fines from your process and keep it from entering your plant. Our dust collections systems range from small, 1-2 cartridge units that will re-introduce consolidated material back into the process, up to the larger, 100 or more cartridge inter-venting units that will remove dust from entire systems.  Read more:

(4) O.A. Newton Filter Receivers separate the material out of the air stream during pneumatic conveying. Read  more here:

(5) Whether you need bulk, in-plant storage, or need to weigh and/or hold batch ingredients for your process O.A. Newton Hoppers and Tanks will step up to the job. You can learn more here:

(6) The O.A. Newton Pressure Power Unit creates a positive pressure to push air and the products it’s conveying, through the system to your process. Pressure Power Units are used to convey products over longer distances and with higher throughput than vacuum systems. Our units are built for long term and reliable performance. Learn more here:

(7) The O.A. Newton Vacuum Power Unit creates negative pressure to pull air and the product it’s conveying, through the system to your process. Generally, Vacuum Systems are used to convey product over short distances.  Read more:

(8) Our Carbon Black Handling Division –  TKC Technologies(an affiliate of O.A. Newton) developed, patented and commercialized the internally heated screw feeder for delivering carbon black to your rubber mixer. The patented TKC Heated Screw Conveyor is the only device of its kind. It solved the problems of moving carbon black by accurately moving it from bins to scales. If you have Carbon Black handling needs please read more:

This above items are some  of the Components and Assemblies we manufacture in-house at O.A. Newton.  We also Manufacture Pinch Valves,  Slide Gate Valves, Vacuum Breaker/Purge Valves and Vacuum Sequencing Valves. If you want to learn more about these additional Components and Assemblies please look here:

O.A. Newton is Material Handling. Learn More here:

Please contact me with any questions about our super competitive pricing, Components, Assemblies, Replacement Parts and Engineering Services, Greg Mareski, Business Development Manager, Phone 302-337-3778, email:

Rust Streaks, Corrosion and Bin Vent Filters are not Synonymous.

December 28, 2009

Rust streaks and corrosion can sometimes affect the Bin Vent Filters found in many Plants using outside silos. Additionally, Bin Vent Filters are used on large indoor hoppers. The Bin Vent Filter stops powders and dust from coming out of the storage vessel.

A few years ago, O.A. Newton created our Gal Vent filter which at 3 full years,  has three times the industry standard warranty against rust.

Properly sized Bin Vent filters are available from O.A. Newton for a huge variety of  applications. We offer them in G235 galvanized steel finish or you can select to optionally powder coat them in standard Industrial Gloss White. We also offer a customized flange system that, based our your silo flange dimensions, perfectly matches our BV-2 Bin Vent Filter to your Silo or Storage Hopper flanges. Our Standard BV-2  Bin Vent Filter is available in 250 sq. ft., 475 sq.ft. and 775 sq. ft. sizes. We are also  able to provide custom sizes to fit your needs as we manufacture them onsite and ship them globally. Our prices are exceptionally competitive, the 475 sq.ft. size ships complete with a set of  high quality pleated top load filters for $4199 in Galvanized finish and are available powder coated Industrial Gloss White for an additional $250.00. Please contact us at with any questions or challenges that we can help you with. You can call at 302-337-3778 and/or view all of our OEM Components, Assemblies and services at

Dust Control and Bulk Material Handling

November 19, 2009

O.A. Newton has been in business since 1916. For the last 30+ years, O.A. Newton has been engineering and fabricating Engineered Material Handling Systems. We are knowledgeable in the control of combustible dust. We have systems that can detect explosive conditions. You can review examples of O.A. Newton Dust Control and Bulk Material Handling Components here.