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Control the Dust = Limit Your Problems + Increase your Profits.

March 10, 2010

Dust creates Challenges and Dangers

Dust in the workplace environment creates problems that tend to become serious very quickly.  Challenges include everything from environmental health hazards and OSHA violations. But there is still more reason for concern when dust is present – Possible Explosion.

Explosive Dust

Seemingly non-combustible compounds become  explosive when the air to dust ratio is in the correct range.  Grain, metal particles, chemicals and other air borne substances have a surprising ability to become explosive when they have the right fuel to air mix and a combustive spark is present. In July of 2009, the U.S. Chemical Safety Board released a set of videos on the hazards and destructive capabilities of combustible dust. You can see the videos here. Take a moment and review these and you will begin to understand the dangers of dust. This must be taken seriously as the dangers are great and very real.Here’s a tip – check above your suspended ceilings and remove any standing dust that may be lurking there.

Change the Filters

Next let’s discuss the need to maintain dust filtration systems. Our units s ship with a pressure gauge so the time for replacement is clearly defined. Also, new filters need to “run-in” for a while before they reach optimum filtration. Some of the dust particles that accumulate in a new filter actually improve the efficiency of the filter after it is initially installed.

One of the many features of our dust filtration systems is the way we make them easy to maintain. If your maintenance staff can easily access the filters to change them, they will more probably replace them before they become ineffective. This is why we try everything possible to avoid the need to have “confined space permit required” systems. We manufacture top-load systems that provide an easy opening top with pneumatically assisted cylinders.  We have side-load systems and where required, multiple access doors.You should also look at the warranty. Our outdoor systems use Galvanized Steel construction and we have powder coating options to add even more rust resistance against the elements.

Get your money’s worth from your ingredients

Lastly, are you getting all you pay for from your process ingredients? In a large plant-wide dust filtration system,  you are mixing all the ingredients into an unusable mix that usually heads for the landfill. But with focused dust filtration and collection solution you can reap the benefits of reclaiming your component and blending powders. We call this POUDR = point of use dust reclamation.  You can learn more at our POUDR White paper located HERE.

Respect and recycle the dust!

Greg Mareski, Business Development Manager, O.A. Newton, Bridgeville, DE.